About Us

Shangfeng Electric Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2004 in Liushi Town (Wenzhou), SFE has actively accompanied the fast-paced entry of electricity into all industry sectors right up until the present day among China. So far, our company has more than 4000 wholesalers and retailers in China , which will be a great number in the future. SFE products of industrial plugs, sockets and electric connectors are known for the high quality and the moderate price. Where low-voltage apparatus currents have to be transferred safely and economically, our customers and partners can always rely on SFE.

Our company has an international department and we have employed professional foreign trade personnel who can communicate with you very fluently about our products’ details and help you to choose suitable products more easily. As is well-known, solid brass and Nylon PA66 are used as raw materials so that our products gained many customers’ acceptance and obtained lots of certifications.

 The products are in line with national GB11918, GB11919, and international standard IEC- 60309-1t and IEC-60309-2, also comply with VDE0623 and BS4343 standards and obtained CE certification. Our products are exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other countries and regions, which are favored by customers. We will be your reliable manufacturer in China.

Welcome to consultation

If you are on a business trip in China, you can find our products in every city, and warmly welcome to our company. And if you have any questions or requirements, please download our E-catalog and contact us.We are longing to be your workmate  and build a solid foundation in the future .